Recent Projects

We have completed/been completing a number of international projects (including World Bank and ADB Funded) in recent years! 

Large Mains Risk Analytics and Prioritization of Pipeline for Condition Assessment

As “Project Engineer” Through Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd. Singapore Branch

Main project features: To provide support on the project as a Local Engineer; Coordination between PUB and NSC Experts; Data Collection; Probability of Failure Analysis; Prioritization Plan

Professional engineering services for the Improvement of west coast road outlet Drain no. 6 (west coast road to the sea)

Hydraulic modelling services Through CKMbT International Pte. Ltd.

Main project features: Hydrodynamic modelling  (1-dimensional) [HEC-RAS 1D] for the proposed drainage improvement work for different stages of the construction; Flood event analysis during the construction period

Peatland Hydrological Modelling in Indonesia

As “Peatland Hydrologist [International]” Through PT DHI Water & Environment, Indonesia

Main project features: To provide necessary support, guidance, and training to the DHI team under the project to carry out the modelling tasks [MIKE SHE and MIKE Hydro River/MIKE 11] and training to end client

Project Technical Advisory Consultants (PTAC) under Climate Adaptation in Vennar Subbasin in Cauvery Delta Project - CAVSCDP (CS-2)

As “Hydraulic Modeler – International” in an ADB Funded project Through Antea Group (India) Pte. Ltd.

Main project features: To develop 1D and 2D hydraulic and coastal mathematical models (HEC-RAS 1D and 2D) for the two geographic areas: the Vennar and Vettar system, and the Cauvery system; Flood forecasting and warning system and a simple DSS

Development of the decision support system (DSS) for Sesan and Srepok river basins- package no. Cl-cs-3

As “DSS (MIKE) Expert – International” in a World Bank (WB) Funded project Through Royal Haskoning DHV, Vietnam

Main project features: To develop the state of the art DSS for 2S river basin for the stakeholders for various activities of river basin planning and management and building capacity within the stakeholders. DSS includes flood forecasting and warning system, reservoir operational system, sediment modelling and water resources planning models.

Strengthening Smart Water Management and Urban Climate Change Resilience in Tamil Nadu, India

As “Water Supply Modelling Specialist (International)” in an ADB Funded project Through DHI Water and Environment [India/Denmark]

Main project features: Water-related disaster risks assessment considering climate change; Water balance modelling that includes flood and drought assessment; Capacity building.

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